Were The Primary Focus Is Placed On The Victim
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Fighting has become a way of life and is
compounded with little to no empathy for their

One “Jumped” by 25 other peers. The teens said,
“They deserved to be kicked in their face and
head, cause they always in people’s business."
The question was asked, “even if they died?" The
response was “Yes.” Oh, what a frightening world
we live in!

This is the motivating factor for what we do.

Children/youth must learn how to get along. They   
must understand “TRADING PLACES” means
pretending to be their peer and their peer
pretending to be them to understand each other’s
feelings; then to respect themselves and others.  

"TRADING PLACES" Kids Helping Kids
      Who! What! When! Where!

TO BE ANNOUNCED Soon!  Projected to serve 200
disadvantage middle & high school youth in the
Brownsville, Liberty City & surrounding
communities of Miami Dade County. FOR MORE

Arnetha @ 786 488-4792