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Fighting is a way of life among our elementary, middle and high school children-
youth. They act like they don’t care about each other,
lacking empathy.
However, asked them “What if someone beat-up your brother or sister how
would you feel?” Most responses would be “Its on…I’m ready to fight!”

The point of the matter is,
they care about their siblings. This allows us to
reverse roles and with
leadership, like-minds, listening, logic and love we
can impact change to develop
empathy among young people and their
This works from our experiences in Liberty City and Brownsville urban

The  violence  and crime  at various levels and  risk factors; (2) Community norms-
TV arguing and fighting like cats and dogs for money and/or popularity.”

Empathy Project and/or other training opportunities to include Restorative
violence, Peer Mediation and/or "out-of-the-box" ideas to help you achieve your  
communities, schools, victims, families, agencies, please send Arnetha a message
restorativejusticetraining@yahoo.com or call her @ 786 488-4792.

have done, as well as, our continue desire to eradicate community violence is
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communities of Miami Dade.

Yes,   we  must  contend  with:   (1)
distrust;  and  (3)  Grown  folks on

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