In June 2004, Solid Rock Enterprise, Inc., a Restorative Justice Academy was
launched part-time because of our passion to offer student victims, youthful  
offenders, at-risk children, and youth alternatives in dealing with juvenile crime
and victimization at a school level opposed to referrals to the juvenile justice system.

The project based on the National Restorative Justice Model, is a value philosophy
and systematic response to wrongdoing.  The goals are accountability, community
and school safety, and competency development.

Prior to program implementation in 2004 Professional Staff Development Training
on Restorative Justice was provided to approximately 70 professional staff at
Brownsville Middle School to include the counselors, social worker, teachers, non-
instructional and Para-professional staff. Since that time, Restorative Justice
training is provided yearly and professional school staff may receive 8 Master
Points toward their certification which is approved by the Miami-Dade County Public
Schools Teacher's Education Center. Restorative Justice training is also available
for parents and community volunteers.

Students were initially referred to the academy because of disruptive classroom
behaviors. Referrals now include bullying, fighting, victimization, gossiping, graffiti,
poor grades, family issues, community conflicts, and theft. Referrals are made by
administration, teachers, social service department, other school staff, students,
parents, and community resources. Participation is voluntary, however perpetrators /
parent refuse to participate mandates some form of disciplinary action is taken by
the school. Student victims are not penalized for non-participation. Support, referrals,
counseling, follow-up, and case management are available to victims according to
their needs.

In 2005 and to date we are a full-time project that has served over 1500 participants
receiving services to include peer mediation, circles, King (boys) and Queen's
(girls) clubs, Kingian Non-violence groups developed in the Kingian Non-violence
Character Building groups, togetherness projects, assessments, pre / post testing,
community service projects, classroom observations, and home-visits.

Solid Rock collectively has over 100 years experience and expertise to include
restorative justice practices, conflict reconciliation, and peer mediation, victim
sensitivity, behavior science, parent leadership training, program evaluation,
education, consulting, and peer reviewer for the Office Juvenile Justice
Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP).
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