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Solid Rock Administrators Making A Difference In Restorative Justice
Outcomes of Restorative Practices at Miami Dade County Public Schools
                           Brownsville Middle
Based on pre/post testing 41.5% increase in problem solving skills and 49.1% increase  
in anger management skills. Based on teacher surveys 61.5% increase in problem
solving skills; 76.9% increase in students resolving conflict with other students; and
70.5% improvement in attitude. Slight improvement in reading and math scores. 58%
reduction in disciplinary referrals.

Project demonstrated of 28 of 30 successful Conferencing; 10 of 10 successful
Circles; and 19 of 20 successful peer mediations. Based on the Modified Aggression
Scale 67.4% demonstrated increase in anger management behavior and 69%
demonstrated increase in caring/cooperative behavior. According to teacher surveys
60.75% of the program students demonstrated a definite increase in anger management
and an average of 24.94% demonstrated some improvement. Based on teacher surveys
59.61% of program participants demonstrated definite increase in pro-social skills,
while 26.1% demonstrated some improvement. 100% of program participants
remained crime free while in the program.      
32 of 34 successful Circle Mediations, 6 of 6 successful Peer Mediations; and 8 of 10
successful Togetherness Projects. Other primary program services included crisis
intervention to victim students, bereavement counseling, classroom intervention on
bullying, and case management.
Other Project Service Components                   
Certified Peer Mediators; trained over 194 Brownsville Middle, MDCP-S professional
& Para-professional staff on Restorative Justice, trained over 125 community
members and parents combined, and worked closely with the Community Involvement
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