incorporates the
Forum to address specific crimes and the harmful impact
imposed on the victims and their community. Participation of the
parent or guardian of the child who committed the offense is
mandated by Florida Statue.

Conferencing provides an opportunity for the victim and their
parents, family and friends to be heard. In their absence they are
represented by an advocate, and/or letter from the victim and/or

Additionally, the offenders family and friends are enjoined in the
SOLID ROCK Enterprise, Inc.
All Conferencing Is Held In A Safe - Secured - Structured Environment
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Forum to address misdemeanors, fighting, bullying, and other
harmful acts imposed on the victims and community. Participation
of the parent/guardian and the child who committed the harm act is
held accountable for their wrongdoing.

Conferencing gives victims, their parent/guardian, and other
support systems to be heard. In the victim's absence they are
represented by a victim advocate or Impact Statement.

All Conferencing are held in a safe and structured environment with
a trained facilitator. Stake-holders/participants share in the decision
making process of how amends will be made.
The primary stake-holders may include the victim, offender, or
at-risk child/youth, their parents, and support systems on both
sides; victim advocate, teachers, administrators, janitors,
counselors, school police, and/or school security. All parties have
the opportunity to be heard. Victims are not forced to participate.
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