The Students
"If it wasn't for the program, I
would be in a lot of fights."

"The program has helped me
control my anger."
The FL Department of Education recommends Restorative Justice
as an alternative to addressing misdemeanor school based crimes in
stead of referrals to the juvenile justice system.
Restorative Justice is supported by the
FL Department of Juvenile Justice.
"I need a circle right now."
Students would not bicker or put each
other down as much,  classroom
behavior improved, dialogue works
well with disruptive students, teachers
recommend training for their peers,
students were very open, and took the
process as a serious matter.

One counselor said the model is in
alignment with their personal views
on responsibility and it's effectiveness
for learners.
"We need this program in more
schools and communities."
"Restorative justice is a great way to
deal with traditional school base
All Others
"I see improvements in my
child's behavior."

"The program has really
helped our family."
"Glad we could sit down and
talk face to face."

"Didn't think the mediation
was going to work, thought
we would still have to fight."
The Community Trainees
The School Trainees
The Parent Comments
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